Message of the Chief Executive of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on International Human Rights Day

Human right and human dignity are the most important values in the world today; every human and every citizen has right to enjoy his/her basic right in the society. To live peacefully in the society and to realize social and public welfare, each country needs to comply with human rights such as freedom, equality, justice and mutual respect among its citizens.

For this end, countries and international human rights bodies, especially Human Rights Commission observe 10 December of each year as Human Rights Day to promote, expand and strengthen human rights in the world, and to lay the groundwork for social justice and defense of human rights.

Unfortunately, in our country, besides other problems, the main obstacle ahead of the realization of human rights is terrorist groups like Al Qaeda, Taliban and new emerging extremist group called Daesh who are always seeking to violate human rights. They are trying to create panic and terror among the public in order to distort public opinion and in this way to achieve their sinister and inhumane goals. Terrorist groups have repeatedly committed war crimes and serious human rights violations in Afghanistan. They have always violated rights of civilians, especially women and children who have been the victims of these terrorist groups.

What is proven is that terrorism is not related to any specific race, nation, religion and geographical location, but it is a global threat to human rights, and Afghanistan is at the forefront of the war against terrorism.

Islamic Republic of Afghanistan considers securing basic rights of its citizens and upholding human rights, especially fighting against violence against women as its own priorities and makes use of all its possibilities to deal with this phenomenon.

Directorate of Communications

Office of the Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan