Statement by the Office of the Chief Executive about the 37th Anniversary of USSR’s Invasion of Afghanistan

Thirty-seven years ago today, Afghanistan was invaded by the Soviet Union. This clear invasion on our prosperous country took away peace and security and turned our country into a conflict zone.

On this day, the soviet army armed to their necks stepped over all the political and humane borders by attacking our country, committing genocide of the people guilty of being human and independent.

The invasion was not limited to the cities and rural areas of Afghanistan but went on to attack our compatriots’ believes and values. The invasion destroyed all the infrastructure of our country, martyred more than one and half million, crippled millions and forced an exodus of compatriots to seek refugees and leave Afghanistan.

However, our compatriots stood in defense of their country’s territorial integrity with faith in God against the soviet army equipped with sophisticated weapons and sheer military power. Our compatriots stepped in the field relying only on God and changed the course of world history. They proved the power of faith is stronger than Iron or steel.

The Chief Executive Office of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan while hailing and praying for the souls of millions of holy martyrs declares that Afghanistan will never surrender to force and that any condemns any invader regardless of their color or name that spread terror. The Chief Executive’s office will stand with all its power against any aggressor for territorial integrity and will not spare any effort to bring peace, stability, welfare, and justice.

General Directorate of Media and Office of the Spokesperson

Chief Executive Office of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan