The Chief Executive: The government Will Pay More Attention to Macroeconomic Opportunities of Herat Province

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, in a meeting with elders of Herat province, reviewed their requests in the field of security, reconstruction, strengthening development projects in the new fiscal year and stressed that the government would pay attention in this regard, based on available resources.

Herat elders raised their demands for security of the districts, development projects, reconstruction and strengthening education sector in the new fiscal year and called for the government’s attention in this regard.

They also praised functions of the National Unity Government in different areas, especially in Salma dam.

After listening to the requests of elders, the Chief Executive promised to take practical steps for implementation of their requests particularly in the areas of security, education and reconstruction of the districts of Heart. In addition, the National Unity Government is trying to pay further attention on macro-economic opportunities for employment and economic growth in the province.