The Chief Executive Meets with German Ambassador in Kabul

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan today met with Walter Hassmann, German Ambassador in Kabul.

Afghanistan’s security and political relations, regional and international cooperation were discussed at the meeting. Meanwhile, German Ambassador appreciated the Afghan forces in the fight against terrorism.

Thanking international community especially Federal Republic of Germany for their aid to government and people of Afghanistan, the Chief Executive called Germany’s projects in Afghanistan as important, effective and helpful and stressed that people of Afghanistan would never forget such cooperation.

Praising the efforts of the National Unity Government especially the Chief Executive for ensuring stability, fighting corruption, peace talk’s process and strengthening relations with the international community, Walter Hassmann stressed on his country’s support from the Afghan government.

Calling activities of terrorists as a threat to the whole world, Mr. Hassmann reiterated that the international community remains committed to support the Afghan government and the Afghan security forces.