The Chief Executive valedictory meeting with the Saudi Ambassador to Afghanistan

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan had a farewell meeting with Mr. Mossafar Bin Abdul Rahman Al Ghasib, Saudi ambassador to Afghanistan at his residence.

The Chief Executive thanked Saudi ambassador for his efforts and services in Afghanistan and called his role fundamental for improving and strengthening relations between the two countries.

The Chief Executive appreciated Saudi Arabia’s constant help and support for the Afghan government and people.

Thanking the Chief Executive and the Afghan people, Saudi ambassador called his tenure in Afghanistan fruitful and unforgettable and emphasized that he would not hesitate of any efforts for strengthening relations between the two countries and serving the Afghan government and people.

The Chief Executive, referring to his visit to Saudi Arabia and its positive consequences, said, “The Afghan government gives importance to its relations with Saudi Arabia as a brother and effective country in the Muslim world and in the region and calls for strengthening ties between the two countries.”