The United Nations is committed to its assistance and presence in Afghanistan

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan today met with Mr. Miroslav Jenča, UN Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs in his office at the Sepidar palace.

Mr. Jenča conveyed respectful greeting of UN Secretary General to the Chief Executive and assured of the UN presence and constant cooperation with the government and people of Afghanistan.

Mr. Jenča noted that the United Nations Security Council would review its presence and its role in Afghanistan in March, until then necessary measures would be taken to extend UN mission and presence in Afghanistan.

Thanking Mr. Jenča for his coming to Kabul, the Chief Executive asked him to convey his greeting and respect to UN Secretary-General.

Then, the Chief Executive presented a clear picture of Afghanistan’s situation and called the political situation of the country stable but complex. The Chief Executive assured of his role and his commitment to political stability and success of the National Unity Government.

The Chief Executive praised the role of the armed forces and said, “Taliban and terrorists’ programs failed in Afghanistan and the government is committed to the peace process. Preserving values and achievements, the government still has kept the way for negotiations open.”

The Chief Executive stressed that the national unity government is committed to reforming the electoral system and does not want to sacrifice it.

Afghanistan’s regional relations were also discussed in details at the meeting, and UN Assistant Secretary General expressed UN’s interest to strengthen regional cooperation. Mr. Jenča stressed that UN is ready to help Afghanistan in implementation of great regional programs such as CASA 1000, TAPI as well as extending rail line in Afghanistan.

Both sides agreed on the favorable grounds of regional cooperation and joint fight against terrorism.