The Chief Executive Meets with Lithuanian Non-Resident Ambassador to Kabul

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met with Rokas Bernotas Lithuanian non-resident ambassador to Kabul.

Expansion of cooperation between the two countries in security and economic fields was the main point of both sides’ discussion.

Mr. Bernotas said Lithuanian forces in NATO framework are serving in Ghor and cooperate in reconstruction sector and training the Afghan security forces.

The Lithuanian Ambassador added that his country is interested in joint cooperation with Afghanistan and his appointment as an ambassador to Afghanistan is a sign of Lithuania’s beginning new stage of its relations with Afghanistan.

Mr. Bernotas stressed that Lithuania has good and effective experiences in transportation and transit and is willing to share its experiences with the Afghan government and cooperate with Afghanistan to realize them.

Welcoming Lithuanian Ambassador, the Chief Executive said the Afghan government and people sincerely thank Lithuania for its reconstruction team as well as its training team.

Dr. Abdullah added that Afghanistan, with a special location in the region, wants to share this opportunity with other neighboring and regional countries to expand trade partnership and go ahead with them.

Addressing Ambassador of Lithuania, the Chief Executive said that granting visas to the Afghan citizens and creating facilitations for them would make relations between the two countries strengthen.