The Chief Executive Meets with UNHCR Representative in Afghanistan

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan today met with Fahiaa Elmagzoub Abdalla, UNHCR newly-appointed representative in Afghanistan.

The Afghan refugees’ situation in Iran and Pakistan, solutions for their challenges and voluntary repatriation of the Afghan refugees as well as tripartite meeting which is scheduled to be held in Pakistan in relation to the Afghan refugees were discussed at the meeting.

Congratulating Ms. Elmagzoub as the new representative of UNHCR in Afghanistan, the Chief Executive stressed that issue of the Afghan refugees and displaced persons is a priority for the government and UNHCR is expected to realize its activities in partnership with the National Unity Government.

Dr. Abdullah added that the Ministries of Refugees and Returnees and Foreign Affairs are responsible for addressing the problems and solving challenges of the refugees and IDPs and it is needed that relevant UN agencies to work together with the above ministries.

The Chief Executive emphasized that to address and assist effectively the Afghan refugees and internally displaced families, the Afghan government and the international community should set its priorities and act on them.

Ms. Elmagzoub Abdalla said they are trying to strengthen the campaign that the Afghan government and donor agencies have done for attracting aids for refugees, returnees and IDPs and to address problems of the needy people.

She added besides donor countries, they are trying to assist Afghan returnees from Iran and Pakistan.

Ms. Elmagzoub Abdalla stressed that, in order to address situation of the Afghan refugees in Pakistan, it is to hold a tripartite meeting between Afghanistan, Pakistan and UNHCR on 15th of February of the current year.

Following her speech, Ms. Elmagzoub said they do all their activities in coordination with the Afghan authorities and urges the Afghan government to support their activities and programs.