The Chief Executive: Unity Among Mujahedeen and Correct Understanding of Requirements within the Government is Essential for Security and Stability of the Country

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan attended the ceremony held to commemorate the twenty-eighth anniversary of martyrs of Salang incident in Parwan province and made a speech. The Chief Executive said, “Today is the reminiscent of a tragic incident that has been registered as a black day in the history of Jihad and Resistance of the people of Afghanistan.”

At the beginning of his speech, the Chief Executive prayed for soul of famous and anonymous martyrs of Afghanistan and said, “Parwan people offered many victims for defense of their land and Islamic values during Russian invasion, during Jihad and Resistance period as well as in the new period, and Salang incident is a good example of it, in which more than 1,200 people were killed.”

The Chief Executive stated, “Salang was the supply route for former Soviet Red Army during the invasion, but Mujahedeen in Parwan province, especially in Salang stood against them. Salang martyrs are symbol of endurance, resistance, freedom and patriotism who defended their faith and land, and the Afghan people will never forget their memories.”

The Chief Executive, in another part of his speech, said, “The role of Mujahedeen is striking in determining fate of the country and repelling invasion during Jihad and Resistance period and in creation of an inclusive government, but to maintain these achievements, unity among Mujahedeen is essential at the leadership level, because discord and division will provide the enemy with opportunity, and that is tyranny to blood of martyrs”.

About the need for national unity, the Chief Executive said, “National unity and integration among different tribes of Afghanistan guarantee security and stability of Afghanistan that are ensured on the basis of social justice.” “I assure you that I will defend social justice and equal rights for all tribes of the country,” the Chief Executive said.

Dr. Abdullah also expressed that all political and Jihadi figures should consider the consent of God and good of the nation and besides, to defend the country, they should be united against the enemies who rejected the people’s voice for peace.

The Chief Executive said, “Now to preserve the national unity and defend the country, unity among Mujahedeen and a correct understanding of the requirements within the National Unity Government is important and necessary. All leaders should know that they are in the position which is the product of the victims our people offered and still are offering victims to defend the National Unity Government.”

Ahmad Zia Massoud Special Representative of Presidential Office for Administrative Reform and Good Governance, Mohammad Yunos Qanoony, former vice president, Eng. Mohammad Assem, Parwan governor, Baseer Salangi, former governor of Parwan, Amrullah Saleh, Haji Almas Zahid and a number of other figures spoke at the meeting and emphasized on unity and solidarity, with respect to martyrs’ status.