Problems of Badghis province were assessed in an extraordinary meeting

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan fully discussed situation of Badghis and the residents’ problems at an extraordinary meeting in Qala-e Naw.

At the meeting, Badghis elders, MPs and Provincial Council members raised demands and problems of the people in presence of the Chief Executive directly with Ministers of Education, Energy and Water, Agriculture, Rural Development as well as deputy Ministries of Public Welfare, Public Health, Directorate of Local Governance as well as local officials.

Badghis provincial council members and MPs outlined the main demands of residents of the province as: starting projects of asphalting roads of the city, water supply network, ring road of Badghis- Herat, electricity supply, water dams and protection walls.

According to them, many projects are facing logistics problems as less work done by contracting companies due to lack of government authorities’ attention. They explained problem of each project in details.

Then, Ministers of Energy and Water, Rural Development, Agriculture and Education, Deputy Ministries of Public Welfare, Public Health and Directorate of Local Governance explained about progress and problems of this year projects and made pledges to try in this regard.

In the meeting, Minister of Education announced construction of new schools’ buildings, Minister of Rural Development of building protection walls, water supply network and construction of two water dams, Deputy Minister of Public Welfare of asphalting roads of Qala-e-Naw, Deputy Minister of Public Health of building six health centers, Minister of Agriculture of new agricultural development program and Minister of Energy and Water of negotiations with Turkmenistan to import electricity to this province.

The Chief Executive said that problems of Badghis people are understandable for the government and we are trying to address these problems; however, due to lack of attention during the late years, they are too many and it’s not possible to address them all at once. Therefore, current achievements should not be ignored.

The Chief Executive promised that he would personally follow logistics problems of Badghis projects in the meetings of Cabinet, Council of Ministers and its Committees, but representatives of the province should also follow the issue.

At the end, Dr. Abdullah expressed appreciation for security forces’ courage and directed the governor, security officials and commander of 207 Corps to expand security areas of Badghis.