The Chief Executive in a Meeting with Members of Provincial Council of Badghis: Development of Deprived Provinces are Placed at the top Priority of the Government

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on his visit to Badghis met with head and members of provincial council of Badghis.

During the meeting, Badghis provincial council members reported on security issues, local governance, development projects, education, higher education and problems of the people.

They expressed satisfaction with heroic activities of Badghis security forces against terrorist groups in the province and called for more troops and equipment for them. They also called the role of local police for ensuring security of the people effective and added that it needed to be strengthened.

The Chief Executive said that provincial council has a leading and active role in local governance.

According to the Chief Executive, development and reconstruction of deprived provinces are of the National Unity Government’s important programs that would be given priority.

Dr. Abdullah promised provincial council members that he would direct relevant government agencies to take necessary and practical measures to resolve the issues raised by the people of Badghis.