Statement by the Chief Executives in connection with World Press Freedom Day

Today (March 3rd) marks the World Press Freedom Day. I congratulate this day to media community, reporters, journalists and news agencies of our country.

After the fall of Taliban regime and formation of a democratic regime in the country, the role of media has been effective and worthwhile in realization of democratic values, freedom of speech, the state-nation-building process, anti-corruption, transparency and accountability, dynamics and public enlightenment.

In fact, free and democratic media has been one of the greatest and most important achievements of the Afghan people in the late sixteen years and it is the government’s main task and responsibility to protect these achievements.

In the past one and a half decades, reporters and journalists, despite facing security threats and challenges, stood beside the legitimate regime and security forces to defend the national interests and national sovereignty.

During this time, the Afghan media in order to realize and expand freedom of expression and people’s access to information have offered many victims and have paid heavy prices.

The National unity government has taken practical steps in order to support media. However, the government does not suffice to these measures at all. While we are trying to solve challenges and problems ahead of journalists and media community, we are committed to implementing the right of access to information and the mass media’s laws. I direct all government entities in the capital and in the provinces to cooperate with reporters and journalists for people’s access to information.

In the end, once again, I explicitly declare that freedom of expression and media activities that acted as the fourth pillar of the regime would never be compromised.

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah

Chief Executive of the National Unity Government