The Chief Executive Meets with a Number of Mujahedin of Sar-e Pul

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, on Tuesday met with a number of Mujahedin and influential of Sar-e Pul and listened to their problems.

The influential expressed concern over increased insecurity of the province and people’s dealing with the armed opposition and urged leadership of the National Unity Government in order to ensure security of the province, let and support people to crackdown on terrorist groups.

They stressed on improving relations between people and the government and said people of Sar-e Pul would firmly support the National Unity Government.

Meanwhile, Mujahedeen said that status of displaced people in the province is not good and added that 300 tons of wheat that the government sent to the province has not been available to the needy yet.

After listening to problems of Sar-e Pul people, Dr. Abdullah stressed that to address the problems of migrants, a joint committee of consists of IDLG, High Office of Anti-Corruption and Office for Disaster Management should be formed and dispatched to the province to precisely and comprehensively address people's problems.