Afghanistan Gives Great Importance to Good and Friendly Relations with China

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met with Wang Yi, Foreign Minister of the People's Republic of China in his office at the Sepidar Palace.

The Chief Executive welcomed Mr. Wang Yi to Afghanistan as the Foreign Minister of one of the old neighbors and friends of Afghanistan and praised China's presence and assistance to Afghanistan.

Foreign Minister of China thanked the government and the people of Afghanistan for their warm welcome and called relations of the two countries historic and friendly. Mr. Wang Yi highlighted visit of the Chief Executive to China and stressed on ongoing cooperation for development of relations between the two countries.

The Chinese Foreign Minister added, “We have always enjoyed good relations, and I have come here to work on improving these relations as well as consolidating and expanding it further, and in this regard, I am waiting to hear your views”.

Speaking to Chinese Foreign Minister, the Chief Executive stressed that China's presence in Afghanistan has a positive role in strengthening the ties between the two countries, and that both countries are combating terrorism as a common enemy. The Chief Executive called the role of China critical in bringing peace to Afghanistan.

Referring to Mr. Wang Yi’s detailed discussions with the Afghan Foreign Minister, National Security Advisor, and the Afghan President, the Chief Executive considered implementation and follow-up of agreements between the two countries important, and expressed hope that the two countries’ relations would be expanded.

The Chief Executive also expressed hope that China would use its good relations with Pakistan to improve relations between the two countries and fight against terrorism.

The Chief Executive also emphasized on Afghanistan’s use of “One Belt-One Path” and China's economic plans and called for China's attention in this regard.

The Chinese Foreign Minister also added that China supports Afghanistan's struggle against terrorism and the world needs to fully support Afghanistan in this regard. Mr. Wang Yi also praised Afghanistan's cooperation with China in the fight against terrorism and the Separatist Movement in Eastern Turkestan.

Mr. Wang Yi assured the Chief executive of China’s economic cooperation with Afghanistan, supporting the Afghan plan as a point of connecting and investing in infrastructure areas.

The Foreign Minister of China also expressed his country's support for peace talks in Afghanistan and emphasized that his country would support international efforts to negotiate peace in Afghanistan.

Mr. Wang Yi also emphasized on improvement of relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan and added that his country is ready to improve relations between the two countries without any intervention if they demanded.