The Executive Committee on Sustainable Development Goals is launched

The Executive Committee on Sustainable Development Goals was launched today at the Office of the Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

At the opening ceremony, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, members of the Council of Ministers, UN representative in Afghanistan and a number of ambassadors from friendly countries, residing in Kabul were present.

The Chief Executive cited that purpose of such committee’s establishment is to strengthen and expand further coordination among the institutions and ministries to implement the program, whose main purpose is to eradicate poverty in the country.

Stressing that implementation of Sustainable Development Goals is certain and Afghanistan must implement the program by 2023 in line with other countries around the world, Dr. Abdullah said that any delay in implementation of this program could have negative consequences.

Saying that we will continue to work for the Afghan people’s welfare and prosperity with the help of donor countries, the Chief Executive expressed satisfaction of the efforts made so far in this regard.

The Chief Executive also reiterated that the agenda of the next year's activities should be shared to make full use of capabilities and capabilities.

Dr. Abdullah called on all ministries to contact him through Secretariat of the Council of Ministers in case of facing problems, and put forward the sections that are applicable before the end of the year, in order for the alternatives to be taken.

The Chief Executive announced his full support for implementation of Sustainable Development Goals and said if this program is just implemented in the capital and not in the provinces, it can explicitly be said that we will fail and to prevent such a situation, coordination between domestic institutions and support of the international community are required.

Then, Abdul Sattar Murad, Minister of Economy, stating that this work was took place jointly and with strong support by the Chief Executive, said that we have completed the process of nationalizing the Sustainable Development Goals and now we are in the phase of alignment, and in 2018, we will begin its implementation.

Meanwhile, Douglass Keh, UNDP country director praised coordination between Afghan institutions as well as leadership of the Chief Executive and emphasized that the Afghan government has been able to lead the most in the world.

The officials of the Ministry of Economy also described the details of the program and said in the program of Sustainable Development Goals, 17 goals have been incorporated that are to be implemented in four working groups.