The Chief Executive in a Meeting with Influential of Chahardehi Kabul: We Will Address Your Problems

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met with Rahil Mohammad Formoli, Deputy Technical and Vocational Training of the Ministry of Education and a number of elders from Chahardehi Kabul.

With emphasis on continued support from the National Unity Government, especially the Chief Executive, they shared their problems with the Chief executive.

They mentioned unemployment of educated youth as one of the main challenges and called for these young people to be attracted to the government institutions.

The shortage of drinking water was another issue that was reminded. They said that one of the main ways to solve this problem is to complete project of Shah Toot dam in Lalandar.

After listening to their problems, Dr. Abdullah spoke to the Minister of Energy and Water and asked him for information.

Minister of Energy and Water said that the work of Shah Toot dam is continued, and assured of the readiness of the World Bank and India to fund the project of dam in Lalandar.

The Chief Executive, stating that the project could solve problems of the majority of Kabul residents, emphasized that he would cooperate with them in this regard, while the educated youth would also be supported.