The Chief Executive in a Meeting with Shinwar Elders: The Government Supports You in Ensuring Security and Handling Displaced People

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met with a number of Shinwar elders from Mohmand Darra and Lalpur districts and listened to their problems.

These influentials have repeatedly complained about Pakistan’s military attacks on their regions and called for addressing the issue.

According to the elders, Pakistani troops are targeting their regions with heavy and mild weapons so that residents of these districts do not feel secure.

Meanwhile, they mentioned the lack of local police in these areas and called on leadership of the National Unity Government to support them in increasing police forces and stopping Pakistani attacks.

In addition, influencials of Lalpur and Mohmand Darra districts pointed to the problems that migrants and displaced people due to insecurity and attacks by Pakistan military forces are facing and complaint about lack of the government’s assistance to them.

Dr. Abdullah assured them of helping them solve their problems, and would, in this regard, direct the Ministers of Defense, the Interior and State Minister for Disaster Management to meet them closely and to deal with their problems.