The Chief Executive meets with Martyr Ejaz-ul Haq family

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met with a number of influential of Panjshir and Martyr Ejaz-ul Haq family.

In the meeting, family members of Ejaz-ul Haq, who were martyred in recent civil demonstrations in Kabul, said it is the government's responsibility to secure social justice and address people’s problems. They called litigation and justice as an accepted issue in Islam and democratic systems.

The influentials and family members of Martyr Ejaz-ul Haq, while calling civil protests a legal and legitimate right of the citizens, asked for identification, prosecution and punishment of the shooting agents into protesters.

The influentials urged the Chief Executive to pay serious attention to the punishment of perpetrators of shooting to protesters and to follow up on this issue seriously.

Then, Dr. Abdullah said, “The case, due to legal rights and litigation of young people, is related to all people of Afghanistan.” The Chief Executive emphasized that, in addition to dealing with the case, the ground would be provided in such a way as to prevent such incidents in the future.

At the same time, the Chief Executive stated that the country needs more convergence than ever, and consolidation of national unity is the most important responsibility of the government that is committed to its implementation.