The Chief Executive meets with US Congressional Delegation

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan today met with US Congressional delegation headed by John McCain in his office at the Sepidar Palace.

At first, US Senators provided information on their trip to Pakistan to the Chief Executive.

John McCain, head of US Congressional delegation, stated that Pakistani officials announced their preparation for cooperation with Afghanistan and added that Pakistan should cooperate with Afghanistan in the area of peace and fight against terrorism. He said, “Our relationship with Pakistan could not continue in case Pakistan does not change its policy.”

Lindsey Graham, another member of American Congress, said the current situation in the region is not acceptable. If Pakistan changes its policy, it will be rewarded and if no changes are made in the policy, it will be punished.

Mr. Graham expressed hope that the Afghan parliamentary election would be held in 2018.

Other members of the American Congress also spoke and said, “Washington’s support for Afghanistan is beyond any groups and parties. They reassured of their country's commitment to military and financial support from Afghanistan, while expressing their concerns over regional countries’ contacts with the Taliban.

The Chief Executive welcomed the US Congressional delegation to Kabul and thanked the United States for its assistance and cooperation with Afghanistan in various fields.

Then, the Chief Executive, pointing to the internal situation of the country, said that the gap between people and the government has increased, therefore, some measures should be taken to attract people’s support.

Dr. Abdullah added that the current situation should be changed; people are tired of the situation and will no longer be able to tolerate such a situation.

Dr. Abdullah spoke of the government's commitment to holding elections in 2018 and emphasized that there is no other way except holding election.

In another part of his speech, the Chief Executive referred to US senators’ comments on their trip to Pakistan and said that pressure should be pushed to Pakistan to stop supporting terrorist groups. The Chief Executive added, “We do not consider Pakistan responsible for our country’s entire situation; however, this country should not be exempted.”

Referring to regional countries’ contacts with the Taliban, Dr. Abdullah said sources of funding and support from terrorist groups and narcotics, are non-governmental sources and of Pakistan's.

The Chief Executive said other countries in the region, despite having made contacts with the Taliban, never see their interests in the Taliban's rule over the geography of Afghanistan.

Dr. Abdullah pointed to efforts in the field of governance and said that security situation has not caused the National Unity Government neglect addressing other areas, especially economic area.

The Chief Executive said that if we put an end to political instability in the country, the ground for the investment and the opportunity for economic development would be provided.

At the end, Dr. Abdullah called civil demonstrations as the citizens' rights and said, "We are waiting for the result of impartial investigation of shootings agents to the protesters.” The Chief Executive also emphasized that there is a legal prosecution for those who have fired on the protesters.