The Chief Executive meets with Business Women and Women's Rights Activists of Bamyan

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on Friday met with business women and women's rights activists in Bamyan province and shared their views.

First, representatives of business women welcomed the Chief Executive and his companions to Bamyan province.

They outlined serious challenges ahead of women such as lack of sales markets for women's products, lack of existence of Faculty of Medicine at Bamyan University, lack of attention paid to women in relation to scholarships and scant presence of women at the decision-making levels of the government.

The Chief Executive, while appreciating the Afghan women who have taken effective steps in areas of politics, culture and knowledge, emphasized that every nation has passed our today’s status, so we should not become disappointed and we should continue our struggle with determination. The Chief Executive considered the role of women in bringing these favorable conditions, effective and fruitful.

In another part of his remarks, Dr. Abdullah noted that Deputy Minister of Commerce and Industries is about to travel to Bamyan in the near future, and that they can discuss their demands for improvement of women’s status in trade sector with him.