Condolence Message by the Chief Executive in Connection with the Suicide Attack in Kabul

With great regret, I informed that this morning, brutal terrorists and coward enemies of the Afghan people attacked on Ustad Mohammad Mohaqeq, second deputy to the Chief Executive in third city district of Kabul, and killed a number of innocent people and injured others.

Terrorists, with such attacks, want to create fear and terror among people. They have no plans other than violence and killings, and in recent days they indicated more than before that to what extent they are merciless and cruel. Attacks on patients, staff of hospitals, innocent civilians and elders are part of the mission entrusted to terrorists.

But people of Afghanistan will not stop fighting these alien-dependent terrorists. These attacks will have no other result, just shame, for the terrorists.

The country's security forces are struggling to frustrate plots of the enemies, identify and punish the perpetrators of such attacks, stop killings of our people and provide security and stability in the country.

I strongly condemn this attack and other terrorist and inhumane attacks by the Taliban, and wish Paradise for the martyrs and urgent recovery for the wounded.

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah

Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan