The Chief Executive: We won’t Hesitate to Make any Efforts to Provide Facilities to the Afghan Businessmen

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan today met with a number of national businessmen.

During the meeting, the country's businessmen spoke about importance and effectiveness of the air corridor, which started operating a while ago for the purpose of transporting Afghan goods by air to India, They thanked the leadership of the government for this effort.

Also, the participants talked about the importance of the airline's route for Afghanistan’s export goods to India, and considered faster speed and less cost as the most important feature of the air corridor.

In the meeting, businessmen thanked the government's efforts to provide better grounds ahead of businessmen, and demanded more attention to be paid for the export of Afghan goods outside the country.

After listening to demands of the participants, the Chief Executive called support for expansion of Afghan exports as priorities of the National Unity Government and emphasized that the government would support the private sector with all possibilities available to provide the necessary platforms for them.

Dr. Abdullah promised businessmen that he would not hesitate to make any efforts to provide further facilities in the air corridor that has been operating between Afghanistan and India. Also, decisions were taken to expand this air route.