The Chief Executive: Monitoring Authority of Provincial Councils is Effective in Local Governance and the FIGHT against Corruption

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, at a meeting on introduction of "Regulation of the Provincial Councils’ Monitoring” said that the implementation of this regulation is a step towards strength of the regime and stability in the country.

The Chief Executive praised the long-standing struggle of provincial councils to gain the authority to monitor performances of local governances as well as maintaining their unity and solidarity for achieving that. The Chief Executive also emphasized, “According to this regulation; you can monitor performances of local departments in your provinces.”

The Chief Executive stated that restoring the authority of provincial councils to monitor governance, fight against corruption and resolve local conflicts would have a positive impact.

Dr. Abdullah, while called the head and members of provincial councils as the strong arm of the government, asked them not to underestimate the authority granted to them under this regulation, and to distinguish between monitoring and intervention in the light of it, and then they will witness its positive results.

Advising on the spirit of cooperation and convergence between provincial councils and other government agencies, the Chief Executive added that in such an atmosphere, achievements will be better and more, and in case of dissatisfaction, with reference to this regulation, problems can be resolved.

Meanwhile, Dr. Abdullah said that the government and provincial councils are moving in the same path and only enemies of the Afghan people who target and kill people and their children in ranks of the armed forces with their terrorist activities, are on the opposite side.

The Chief Executive called on people's representatives in provincial councils to carry out their religious and national responsibility with support of the security forces.

The Chief Executive, stating that we are on the eve of parliamentary and district council’s elections, said that the role of provincial council members is vital in improving, expanding and consolidating relations between residents of districts and villages.

Dr. Abdullah urged members of provincial councils to work for counter narcotics and the clarity of public opinion.

The Chief Executive, arguing that provincial council members are actors of the national unity, asked them not to allow anyone to disturb unity and calmness of the people.

Dr. Abdullah, in another part of his speech, described the trafficking and destruction of ancient monuments as another threat to history and culture of the Afghan people, and cited that the government’s success to stop the process without cooperation of the people, and especially provincial councils would be difficult.

The Cabinet of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan approved regulation of the provincial councils’ monitoring in three chapters and eleven articles last year.