The Chief Executive Praised Resistance of the People of Taywara

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, in the course of his provincial visit to Ghor, met with local and security officials of Taywara District.

Dr. Abdullah delivered a speech for hundreds of residents of Taywara District and praised them for the resistance against Taliban.

The previous week, hundreds of terrorists from southern and eastern provinces of the country invaded Ghor to capture parts of the province, including Taywara District, but failed as a result of the people’s resistance.

The Chief Executive expressed gratitude to residents of Taywara, security forces, in particular Dr. Ibrahim Malikzada, representative of the people in Parliament and said, “We appreciate your sacrifice and dedication.”

Dr. Abdullah, in another part of his speech, referred to hypocrisy and remarks of a number of politicians and said: "Those who hired by foreigners attempted for years to dominate the Afghan people through killing innocent people and creating terror, but failed to do so; now they have changed their policy and advise people that this is right and this is wrong, but we do not allow this to happen.

The Chief Executive addressed this sort of people and said, “Welcome, sit in your place, the people of Afghanistan forgave you and ignored your crimes, and no one told you why you have come but now it is better for you to sit in your place!”

Dr. Abdullah added: You should thank God and the people of Afghanistan who have created this atmosphere. Definitely, the space is open for political work, but the time of order and prohibition and setting assignment for the people of Afghanistan has past.

The Chief Executive said that today there exist an opportunity for the politician, but if they resort to division, hypocrisy, discrimination and falsehood, they will lose this opportunity again.

Dr. Abdullah later addressed the security forces and the people of Taywara District and said, “You frustrated the enemy's plot, which targeted not only a district but also several provinces, and this resistance has been done due to your effort and zeal.

According to the Chief Executive, if people believe in government officials, they will be prepared for any kind of cooperation and collaboration.

The Chief Executive promised that he would try with all the available possibilities to resolve the problems of this district that have been left unresolved for many years.