Statement by the Chief Executive in Connection with the Terrorist Attack on Worshipers of Javadia Mosque in Herat

The criminal terrorists once again attacked on worshipers at a mosque in Heart, killing and wounding a number of innocent people.

The attack on the mosque and on the prayers is the work of the terrorist-infidel groups who do not belong to any religion and do not believe in any human or moral value.

These terrorist groups are seeking division and religious-sectarian conflicts; but faithful people of Afghanistan have proven that they would not be the victims of such conspiracies and devil plans.

I condemn the attack on the house of God and on the innocent worshipers with severe terms. Terrorist groups will receive response to such criminal attacks.

I wish paradise to the martyrs of this incident and recovery to the wounded.

Herat's local authorities would be directed to make use of their full potential and facilities for immediate treatment of the wounded.

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah

The Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan