The Chief Executive: There would be no Discrimination and Nepotism in Kankor Exam

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan praised Kankor's 10 best recorders in a special program.

The Chief Executive said, “Passing a difficult and hard stage, you have entered a broader stage, which is far more open to gaining knowledge.”

Dr. Abdullah congratulated their success, but reminded them that these congratulatory days will be ended soon and they should start study again with more serious determination.

Denouncing attack on worshipers in a mosque in Herat province, the Chief Executive said that terrorists, by doing such attacks, won’t gain anything except defamation.

Dr. Abdullah called this war, a war between knowledge and ignorance, light and darkness, right and wrong and added that terrorists will never succeed by burning schools and targeting mosques.

In the program, Acting Minister of Higher Education, Abdul Latif Roshan, said, “"In the coming years, the ministry will work to standardize Kankor Exam by using successful experience of other countries.”

He expressed hope that female students who participated in Kankor Exam were 30% during past years, but increased by 40% in this year.

Hamed Mohammadi and Miss. Morsal Akbarzada on behalf of top ten Kankor recorders asked the Chief Executive to help strengthen education and provide a better educational background to the youth.

Appreciating efforts of the Ministry of Higher Education and the Examination Board, the Chief Executive said, “By ensuring transparency of Kankor Exam, you assured dozens of families that there is no longer any discrimination or nepotism in this national process.”

Dr. Abdullah added during past years, the announcement of Kankor results was followed up with objections, as mistrust and lack of transparency had reached its peak. But this year Kankor exam was held in the best way possible and the Afghan people welcomed its results.

"It is up to you to compensate for the opportunities we have lost, and you need to provide better conditions for future generations," the Chief Executive told the Afghan youth.

In the end, the Chief Executive gave them each a Letter of Appreciation and a book for their achievement.