The Chief Executive Meets with Members of Zabul and Urozgan Provincial Councils

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met with members of the Provincial Council of Zabul and Uruzgan in his office at the Sepidar Palace.

During the meeting, members of Zabul and Uruzgan Provincial Councils shared security problems and the challenges of local institutions with the Chief Executive and presented their proposals.

Mr. Atajan Haqbayan, head of Zabul Provincial Council thanked the Chief Executive for his attention to demands of Zabul people in recent months.

Stating that people of Zabul are supporting the regime, head of Zabul Provincial Council called for reforms in Zabul's civil service departments.

He also said that since long ago, a number of Zabul districts have been run by acting district governors; therefore, it needs district governors to be introduced in these districts.

Abdul Karim Khan, the former head of Uruzgan Provincial Council, stating that their main problem is insecurity, urged the Chief Executive to address the security problems of the province.

Then, the Chief Executive said to the head and members of Zabul Provincial Council that their proposals would soon be put into practice.

Dr. Abdullah also said that he would talk with security officials about situation of Uruzgan and would address the security problems of this province.