The Chief Executive: The Government is Accountable for the People’s Demands

The Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, in a meeting with a number of elders, influential people and youth of Khost and Paktia, said that the Government of National Unity is accountable to the people.

Dr. Abdullah said that he would work to help address the challenges and needs of the people of Khost and Paktia as far as possible.

Elders and influential people of Khost and Paktia said that the residents of both provinces want the National Unity Government to pay attention to ensuring justice, delivering effective service and rights.

They called on the Chief Executive to take practical steps on security issues, counter-narcotics through alternative livelihoods for farmers, higher education, transparency in recruitment and the fight against corruption.

After listening to requests and suggestions of elders of Khost and Paktia, Dr. Abdullah said ensuring justice and balanced development are priorities of the National Unity Government.

The Chief Executive promised them that he would direct the relevant departments to address the raised issues.