The Chief Executive met a number of influential of Aibak in Samangan province

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met with a number of Mujahedin and influential of Samangan province.

During the meeting, Samangan's elders expressed the situation of the province and in particular security situartion and emphasized on their comprehensive support from the security forces of the country.

Meanwhile, they called resistance of Samangan people against terrorist groups as part of their commitments to defend the regime and the people.

Complaining the leadership of the National Unity Government about lack of employing their youth and educated in security institution, however, these elders called for more attention in this regard.

They also emphasized that the government's strong support from the people of the province could frustrate the enemies’ plot in reaching their sinister intentions and restore security and tranquility to these areas.

Dr. Abdullah, appreciating the people of Samangan for their presence and continuous support, promised them that he would help resolve their problems in various fields.