The Citizen Covenant Program is begun in Kapisa Province

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, during his provincial visit to Kapisa, operated the building of Rural Development Department and at the same time inaugurated the Citizen Covenant Program in the province.

The Chief Executive said the Citizen Covenant is one of the national and important priorities which can prepare the ground for providing better and more efficient services to the citizens.

Dr. Abdullah emphasized on the proper implementation of the program, stating that the Citizen Covenant will be implemented through 255 village councils over the next four years.

The Chief Executive added that with completion of the Citizen Covenant, a part of the obligations of the National Unity Government and the needs of Afghan citizens will be fulfilled.

The building of the Rural Development Department of Kapisa has been built at a cost of 15 million AFN and the Citizen Covenant Program will be implemented through this department in the province.