The Chief Executive visited Minsk Tractor Works (MTZ

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and his delegation visited Minsk Tractor Works(MTZ) .

During the meeting, general director of the Minsk Tractor Works provided information on the production of all types of tractors to the Chief Executive.

The general director of Minsk Tractor Works, Feodor DomatinKov, commended on cooperation of Afghan businessmen with the company in the past and expressed hope that they could increase their cooperation with Afghanistan.

According to the officials of MTZ , their tractors are now being transported to Pakistan and hence to Afghanistan. The general director of MTZ said that they are ready to provide the necessary facilities for the Afghan businessmen in order for cooperation between the two countries to increase.

The Chief Executive expressed satisfaction at the progress of Belarusian industry and said the Afghan peasants and farmers are familiar with Belarusian tractors. Dr. Abdullah added that the Afghan businessmen are interested in purchasing Minsk tractors.

In the end, the Chief Executive wrote a few sentences in visitors' book of the factory.

In this visit, the Chief Executive was accompanied by Belarusian Minister of Industry and general director of MTZ.