The Chief Executive Visits the National Museum of Kazakhstan and the Greatest Mosque in Astana

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, on the sidelines of his trip to Astana, visited Kazakhstan National Museum.

At the end of his visit from various sections of the National Museum of Kazakhstan, the Chief Executive wrote a short note in the visitors' book. Dr. Abdullah said that Kazakh National Museum represents the depth of history, culture and the modern achievements of Kazakh people.

During the visit, the Chief Executive was accompanied by a number of Kazakh Ministers and government officials, Kazakhstan's ambassador to Kabul and some other Kazakh officials.

Then, the Chief Executive visited Hazrat Sultan Mosque which is the largest mosque in Astana and has the capacity of thousands of prayers at one time.

Imam of Hazrat Sultan Mosque welcomed the Chief Executive and presented a detailed description of historical background of the mosque.

At the end of his visit, the Chief Executive presented Imam of the mosque a plaque made of Azure on which Ayatul Korsi was written.

The Chief Executive met with businessmen of Kazakhstan and it was scheduled to attend the celebration of anniversary of Afghanistan's Independence Day in Astana.