The Chief Executive Meets with Commander of US Central Command

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan today met with Commander of US Central Command in the presence of Gen Nicholson, Commander of US forces in Afghanistan in his office at the Sepidar Palace.

Appreciating the US constant support for Afghanistan, the Chief Executive spoke on the latest military, security and political developments in Afghanistan and the region. Dr. Abdullah also thanked the Afghan Armed Forces and Resolute Support Forces for the fight against Taliban and terrorism and stressed that the brave armed forces of the country had frustrated the attacks and raids of the Taliban and terrorists in different parts of the country.

The Chief Executive emphasized on joint cooperation between the two countries, in particular strengthening of Afghan Armed Forces by US Military Forces, and announced the commitment of the National Unity Government for bringing reform and holding elections.

Gen. Votel, stressing on his country's support for Afghanistan and the fight against terrorism, spoke on the joint work and cooperation to combat common threats and promised that US will continue its support for the Afghan government and the Afghan Armed Forces.

Situation of the region and regional relations of Afghanistan were also discussed at the meeting.