The Chief Executive Welcomed the US New Strategy

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, at a press conference, welcomed the US new strategy for Afghanistan and South Asia.

The Chief Executive appreciated US President’s renewed commitment, obligation of US security team and diplomats with the Afghan government and people and said US Vice President fully explained dimensions of Washington’s new policy to leaders of the National Unity Government.

Dr. Abdullah, praising US troops’ victims in Afghanistan’s war, expressed hope that Washington’s new policy would make Afghan security forces stand on their foot and, as a result, will change the war to benefit of the Afghan people.

The Chief Executive, emphasizing on making use of the US new opportunity by the Afghan people and government, added that in the new policy, there has been no time limit for presence of US troops in Afghanistan, the regional crisis has been well addressed and the required authority has been given to Resolute Support Mission and its commanders in Afghanistan.

Dr. Abdullah said the new policy is clear for confronting with ISIS, the Taliban and other terrorist groups.

The Chief Executive said in new strategy the message is quite clear for the region so that such a clear strategy has not yet been made in the region.

On behalf of the Afghan government and people, Dr. Abdullah said that our message to regional countries is that terrorist groups are threat to all. As a result of unstable Afghanistan, no country will achieve its legitimate interest. Dr. Abdullah added that the Afghan government wants to cooperate with all countries of the region.

The Chief Executive said that our message is also clear to the Taliban: if you are thinking of winning and defeating, you are wrong. Afghan people and international partners are determined to fight seriously against the Taliban, ISIS and other terrorist groups.

Dr. Abdullah said by announcement of US new strategy for Afghanistan, the people will see a positive change in security situation. The Chief Executive also stressed that the door is open for dialogue and negotiation with the armed opposition and they should utilize this opportunity ahead. They have to know that war is not the solution and we will confront with the imposed war. The Chief Executive said, "Although the National Unity Government is committed to fighting against corruption, good governance, strengthening security forces and democratic processes, the Afghan politicians are also responsible for taking advantage of opportunities to supply interests of the Afghan people.”

Dr. Abdullah said, “Before announcement of Washington’s new strategy, I was and am considering that the opportunity for the Afghan politicians is not infinite and unlimited”.

Stressing on unity among the Afghan politicians, the Chief Executive said it is people’s responsibility to build their own nation, establish institutions and make laws.