The Chief Executive: The Employment Committee will Provide Youth with Job Opportunities

The first meeting of Youth Employment Committee was held under chairmanship of Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in the presence of some representatives of international organizations.

First, the Chief Executive said providing youth with job opportunity was one of the most important obligations of the National Unity Government for which the committee was formed.

Dr. Abdullah reiterated that some work had been carried out beforehand, but did not bring about good results; therefore, the committee has been formed to fill this gap and to work purposefully in the field of job creation for young people.

Welcoming the announcement of the US new policy towards Afghanistan, the Chief Executive expressed gratitude to long partnership of international community with the Afghan people and said, “With improvement of security situation in the country, better and further job opportunities will be provided with the youth and unemployment and poverty rate will be reduced.”

The Chief Executive called strengthening of private sector effective for job creation and added when refugees came back, we should use skills and expertise of their educated youth who have studied in foreign countries to fill the professional gap.

The Chief Executive emphasized on capacity building in government departments and strengthening vocational training in public institutions.

Dr. Abdullah directed ministers and officials of government departments to prepare practical employment plans and present them to the committee in order for decisions to be made in this regard.

The Chief Executive called the international community's contribution to Afghanistan as inclusive and stressed that the international community's assistance would not be permanent, so the government agencies need to increase their cooperation and coordination.

The Chief Executive noted that if unemployment does not rise down, domestic production will not rise up and poverty will continue to grow, so our efforts would be fruitless.

In another part of his speech, Dr. Abdullah said that Ministry of Education is trying to recruit thirteen thousand teachers based on a transparent criteria.

At the meeting, members of Youth Employment Committee also put forward their plans and proposals for employment.

How to collect accurate statistics on unemployment and concerns about its increase as well as strengthening private sector were also discussed at the meeting. Representatives of foreign countries and international organizations also expressed their support for Youth Employment Committee.

It was decided that members of the committee will prepare their plans and proposals for employment and job creation in order to take practical steps.

This committee, in which twelve ministries, a number of international organizations and representatives of foreign countries are members, is managed by Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.