The Chief Executive: Money-Changers’ Proposals Will be followed Seriously

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan today met with Kabul Money-Changers Union.

In the meeting, the Kabul Money-Changers Union, in a package offered their proposals about problems regarding the law on monetary services, labor regulations, corruption, embezzlement, deception and security of money changers.

They asked Dr. Abdullah, the Chief Executive of the National Unity Government, to pay serious attention to the issues of licensing and renewal, money transfer, loans, audit, legal problems, invalid bank notes as well as others.

They said that announcement of invalid bank notes has created problems in the market, and this should be done in a timely manner and made facilitation for it.

Addressing the money-changers, the Chief Executive said, “Given the prevailing situation of the country and the security challenges, your work, to make facilitations to the people and circulate the country's economy, is remarkable and appreciable.”

Dr. Abdullah promised to discuss the issues with the relevant government agencies, especially the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Central Bank and the Afghan Attorney General, and pursue their proposals seriously.

The Chief Executive promised Kabul money-changers to try to resolve the problems and fulfill their demands, in particular, to facilitate monetary service.

Dr. Abdullah also stressed on the importance of ensuring security and preserving money-changers’ lives and wealth.