Statement by the Chief Executive in Connection with Terrorist Attack on Imam Zaman Mosque at Khayr Khana, Kabul

We are sadly informed that the criminals and terrorists attacked on Imam Zaman Mosque located at Khayr Khana, Kabul and killed and wounded a number of defenseless and innocent worshipers, including women and children.

We condemn the terrorist attacks in the strongest terms, and wish paradise for the victims of this incident and urgent recovery for the wounded.

These attacks make our people stand stronger and make our will more determined to defeat and overcome the enemies of civilization and humanity.

The bloodthirsty terrorists and enemies, with frequent attacks on mosques and religious sites and preventing worshipers and believers of Allah from saying prayer, proved their hostility with Islam and Muslims.

Our message to terrorists and criminals is clear. They would not get rid of the people of Afghanistan under any circumstances. Soon, there would be an opportunity for the Afghan people to take revenge on terrorists and criminals. Those groups who seek to kill civilians and target religious sites are not forgivable.

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah

Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan