The Chief Executive Meets with Chinese Red Cross Delegation

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan today met with Chinese Red Cross delegation.

At the meeting in which Ambassador of China to Kabul was also present, they discussed on cooperation of the Red Crescent Society of Afghanistan and the Red Cross of China.

The Chinese Red Cross delegation, emphasizing on the expansion of cooperation with Afghanistan Red Crescent Society, said they are ready to take 20 children with heart disease to China to be treated within 15 days.

The Chinese Red Cross delegation told the Chief Executive that their collaboration in the treatment of children with heart holes is part of a memorandum signed by him when visiting China.

The Chinese Red Cross officials noted that they had been in contact and close ties with the Afghan Red Crescent Society for many years, and their cooperation focused on health services and provision of facilitation for the Afghan Red Crescent Society.

The Chinese Red Cross delegation said they would take Afghan children to China this time, but in the future they are going to provide patients with treatment inside Afghanistan by dispatching doctors and offering remote treatment.

The Chinese delegation requested the Chief Executive to help facilitate children’s transfer and provide them with passports.

While appreciating cooperation and assistance provided by the Chinese Red Cross with the people of Afghanistan, Dr. Abdullah said the government provides facilitation for the transfer of children to China. The Chief Executive directed that the passports be provided with the children suffering from heart disease.

Dr. Abdullah also said the government is ready to take specific flights to transfer children to China for treatment.

It is noteworthy that Chinese Red Cross, this time, will take 20 children suffering from heart disease for treatment.