The Meeting of the Economic Committee of the Council of Ministers is held

The meeting of the Economic Committee of the Council of Ministers was held today under the leadership of Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

First, Homayoun Rasa, Minister of Commerce and Industry presented a detailed report on implementation of the Business Environment Improvement Strategy as well as performance of the four executive committees that were formed to achieve these goals.

The Minister of Commerce and Industry criticized lack of presence and introducing representatives of government departments in the mentioned committees, while he called permanent presence and effective role of representatives of a number of ministries and independent departments helpful.

Dr. Abdullah, expressed satisfaction with work progress, directed authorities of the relevant departments that henceforth send their representatives to the meetings of these committees in order to pursue the matters with greater determination.

The Chief Executive also tasked members of the Economic Committee to present the plans which improve the economic situation, taking into account needs of the people and the priorities of the government.

Agriculture Minister Asadullah Zamir explained about the plan of protecting and preventing smuggling of Kunar forests at the meeting of the Economic Committee of the Council of Ministers.

What is emphasized on in this plan included development of a five-year plan for forest management and prevention of timber cutting and smuggling, improvement of the country's wood industry, identification of products and protection of all forests, establishment of ethnic councils for forests’ protection, identification and punishment of perpetrators of forest cutting and trafficking, rehabilitation of forests and establishment of productive and proliferative farms.

He said in case of implementing these plans, hundreds of thousands jobs would be created and livelihood of thousands families would be improved.

After assessing the plan and suggestions offered by the members of the meeting, Dr. Abdullah said that Pakistan's experiences should be used in protecting and developing forests beyond the Durand border.

The Chief Executive directed the authorities of the relevant institutions to prepare a detailed report on sixteen infrastructure projects and present it at the next meeting of the Economic Committee of the Council of Ministers.

Also, Janan Barakzai, First Deputy of the Ministry of Interior, reported on the plan to establish firefighting stations in Kabul and said that the number of fire trucks and firefighting personnel is low compared to the growing population of the capital.

He stated that at present Kabul Fire Department has 240 staff and 51 fire trucks, and to act timely in case of a fire, it needs 58 more fire trucks and 360 other employees.

The Deputy Ministry of Interior informed of the ministry's plan based on which firefighting headquarters will be transferred to another area of the city and fire stations in other areas and five districts of Kabul province will be built. He called for support from the leadership of the National Unity Government and in particular the Chief Executive.

Then, Abdullah Habibzai, acting head of Kabul Municipality reported on the preparations of Kabul Municipality for transferring land to Kabul firefighting headquarters.

Welcoming Ministry of Interior's plan, Dr. Abdullah directed the officials of the Ministry of Interior and Kabul Municipality to take the necessary measures for firefighting headquarters’ move as well as preventive programs.