The Chief Executive Meets with Residents of Darwaz Districts of Badakhshan

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan today met with some residents of Darwaz districts of Badakhshan province in his office at Sepidar Palace.

In the meeting, the residents of Darwaz districts shared their challenges and proposals with the Chief Executive of the country, while some MPs of Badakhshan and former governor of the province also attended.

The people of Darwaz spoke on vulnerability of these areas during all seasons of the year and said that there were a lot of casualties and losses due to the recent floods.

The residents of Darwaz complained about the roads that become blocked and impassable and called on the Chief Executive to pay attention to the construction of leading roads to Darwaz.

According to them, the ring road that was to be constructed a year ago, but for unknown reasons, its construction has been stopped.

Residents of Darwaz said they are the only Afghan citizens who, having passports and visaa, should pass Tajikistan to get home.

Also, people of Darwaz requested to upgrade their clinic to the hospital and said that due to long distance of the clinic, some patients, especially women and children, would die before getting the clinic.

The inhabitants of Darwaz noted that they have ensured security of their areas for years and have avoided poppy cultivation; now it is up to the government to rebuild and renovate these areas.

After listening to the speeches of the residents of Darwaz, the Chief Executive promised to help address their demands seriously.

Dr. Abdullah thanked Darwaz people for ensuring security and protecting territorial integrity of the country and said, “We soon together with MPs and local authorities of Badakhshan will be looking for practical and immediate ways to implement your proposals.”

The Chief Executive said that Office of Disaster Management will be established in five districts of Darwaz in order to prevent the loss of natural disasters and timely addressing emergency incidents.