The Chief Executive Praised Triumph of Mr. Bahadorzada

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan congratulated triumph of Mr. Bahadorzada, the Afghan free fight athlete in the international Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

Dr. Abdullah mentioned of the struggles of Mr. Bahadorzada and said his triumph in the international Mixed Martial Arts has made people of Afghanistan happy.

In the UFC MMA, that was held on September, 2, 2017 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Mr. Bahadorzada defeated his Australian middleweight opponent, Robb Wilkinson. Before this, Rob Wilkinson had no defeats in his sports background.

The Chief Executive emphasized on the support of athletes and the sports community of the country, saying that sport will increase national convergence and public unity.

Triumph of Siar Bahadorzada in the recent match pleased all the Afghan people, so that people from all over the country encouraged and supported him and called him a hero.

Mr. Bahadorzada is about to come back to the country in the near future. Leadership of the National Unity Government and the National Olympic Committee will officially celebrate his champions and triumph.