The Chief Executive Laid Wreath on Minar of Jihad and the Resistance

Honorable Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, on Saturday morning (September 9) attended a special ceremony dedicated to the commemoration of the 16th anniversary of martyrdom of Ahmad Shah Massoud, the national hero and laid wreath on Minar of Jihad and Resistance and commemorated memory of martyrs of Afghanistan in the past four decades.

The Chief Executive expressed congratulation and condolence on the 16th anniversary of martyrdom of the national hero, Ahmad Shah Massoud and added that congratulation for the brilliant things he did for defense of his country and his people, and condolence for his not being present in the current critical situation of the country and the impact he could have on peace and stability in the country.

Dr. Abdullah, praying for souls of the martyrs, called the Day of Martyr an honor for all the people of Afghanistan and referred to it as the day of commitment renewal and covenant with supreme desires of the martyrs and unity of the nation.

The Chief Executive, announcing the message that the martyr is not owned and limited to a family, region and particular people, emphasized that I convey my condolences for this day to all families of the martyrs and declare my commitment to continue their path.

At the same time, the Chief Executive asked religious people of Afghanistan and especially the youth, to respect public order, given the current situation of the country to respect the martyrs, so that no citizen will be faced with problems and will be kept calm, as respect to the people is in fact respect to the martyrs.

Dr. Abdullah stated that the authorities of the security agencies were tasked with providing the appropriate grounds for celebrating the Martyr's Day and observe order and serenity with being patient.

The Chief Executive urged the people, especially the youth, to cooperate with the security forces in providing with order and integrity to respect personality and the high ethics of Shahid Ahmad Shah Massoud, the national hero of Afghanistan.