The Chief Executive prayed for the soul of the national hero, Ahmad shah Massoud at his Tomb

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, at a trip to Panjshir Province, attended the tomb of the national hero and prayed for his soul.

The Chief Executive, who was accompanied by hundreds of passionate young people, at a special ceremony at Ahmad Shah Massoud’s tomb, commemorated memory of the pioneer of Jihad and Resistance, and prayed for the souls of the national hero, his followers and other martyrs of the country.

Hundreds of Mujahedin, elders, political and cultural figures, including residents of Panjshir province attended the ceremony.

Martyr Week and 16th anniversary of the national hero was widely celebrated all over the country.

Dr. Abdullah, at the state official ceremony in Loya Jirga Tent, called Ahmad Shah Massoud a unique and virtuous figure.