The Chief Executive: A special budget will be allocated for electricity supply of Firuzkoh

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan today met with Ghor governor and chairman of the provincial council of Ghor province and discussed the situation of the province.

First, Gholam Naser Khaze’, governor of Ghor provided a detailed report on the security situation, development projects, requirements and demands of residents of the province to the Chief Executive.

Ghor governor shared his ideas about improving security situation and removing threats of the enemy in insecure areas with the Chief Executive.

Mr. Khaze’ said in the past years, less work has been done on reconstruction and infrastructure of the province and that is why residents of Ghor province face many problems in various areas.

Governor of Ghor said, "At the present time, reconstruction and strengthening development projects, especially roads, electricity and drinking water supply are of the most important demands of the residents of the province. He also stressed on the need to strengthen the programs of the Ministry of Agriculture and support farmers of the province.

On the other hand, the chairman of Ghor provincial council said, “Youth unemployment, lack of reconstruction and security problems are serious challenges in the province. People expect the National Unity Government to pay attention to these issues.”

Then, the Chief Executive said, "No reconstruction has taken place in Ghor province and that is why the needs and problems of the people are greater, but the National Unity Government is more focused in the deprived provinces, based on the principle of balanced development."

Dr. Abdullah assured the governor and the chairman of Ghor provincial council that he would talk to the government ministers about the raised problems in order for practical steps to be taken.

The Chief Executive said the solar power project of Firuzkoh would be approved in the new fiscal year, and work is being done to provide drinking water in the city center, and also the Ministry of Agriculture would expand its programs in the province.