Statement by the Chief Executive in Relation with the Terrorist Attack on New York City

With great regret, I informed that in a terrorist attack in New York City of the United States, eight civilians were killed and 10 others were wounded.

According to the reports, a pickup truck has killed and wounded a number of innocent US citizens by storming bike riders.

This attack took place while the New York City has already witnessed the largest terrorist event in the past few centuries. The terrorist incident of September 11th changed the global equation and made the international community aware of the terrorist threat and terrorism.

Unfortunately, years after the 9/11 incident, terrorism and radical groups are still the greatest threat to the whole nations of the world. This common threat requires consensus and global collaboration.

On behalf of Afghanistan, I condemn this terrorist attack and express my sympathy to families of the victims and the people of the United States of America.

The commitment and determination of the Afghan people and the government is firm in the fight against terrorists and criminal groups. Our people have been on the first line of the fight against terrorism for years, and have paid heavy costs in this regard. As every day, the children of this land are sacrificed to save the countries of the region and the world. The latest attack was happened on Tuesday in Kabul due to which a number of families lost their children. But the terrorists cannot achieve their aims by committing such attacks.


Dr. Abdullah Abdullah

Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan