The Chief Executive: Factors of Delay in Transmission of Electricity to the Southern Provinces Will be removed by the Next Month

The Chief Executive, at an extraordinary meeting, reviewed the delay’s factors in electricity transmission project to the southern provinces of the country.

In this meeting which was held at the Sepidar Palace and in the attendance of the State Minister in Parliamentary Affairs, representatives of the provinces of Zabul, Kandahar, Ghazni, the head of Breshna Company and the officials of Maidan Wardak province, Dr. Abdullah directed that delay’s factors in delivering the electricity to the southern provinces of the country should be eliminated.

First, the head of Breshna Company called electricity transmission to the provinces of the country one of the most important priorities and obligations of the National Unity Government and said that for certain reasons, the electricity transmission project to the southern provinces in Sayedabad District of Maidan Wardak has been put to a halt.

Then, Maidan Wardak governor, authorities and MPs provided information on the reasons behind the delay in completing the electricity transmission project and spoke about the steps ahead.

Dr. Abdullah said completion of the transfer of electricity project to the southern provinces would directly be related to the credibility and stance of the government; therefore, the reasons for the delay would be removed as soon as possible.

The Chief Executive called for cooperation of the MPs, security officials and local authorities in Maidan Wardak, saying that Breshna Company should be in constant contact with the local authorities and people to resolve the problem. Dr. Abdullah added to prevent the situation in the future, besides having a technical team, cooperation of the local influential and the people should be sought in the plans and projects in other provinces.

Emphasizing on addressing demands of the landlords on the path of electricity supply in Maidan Wardak, the Chief Executive said that a major national project on which the fate of several provinces depends, should not be delayed and frustrated due to a just few families.

At the end, the Chief Executive pointed out that by using the experience of Maidan Wardak province in other provinces, preventive and necessary measures should be considered in order not to leave a challenge and controversy in the future.