The Chief Executive, in the Commemoration Ceremony of the 10th Anniversary of Mr. Kazemi's Martyrdom: We Have to Deal with Cases Thoughtfully

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the National Unity Government, during the commemoration ceremony of the tenth anniversary of martyrdom of Sayyed Mustafa Kazemi, the late leader of Iqtedar-e-Melli Party and member of the Parliament, invited the political figures of the country to unity and convergence.

The Chief Executive, describing dimensions of Seyyed Mostafa Kazemi's personality, called on the political parties and alliances to take stance in line with the national interests and the situation of the country, so that no opportunity would be provided for the enemies of Afghanistan.

Dr. Abdullah added, “We have to deal with cases thoughtfully.”

The Chief Executive once again emphasized on transparency and timely holding elections of districts councils, parliamentary and presidential election, and urged the political groups and the people to work together to witness holding a transparent and acceptable election.

Dr. Abdullah noted that based on the law, all eligible citizens have the right to vote and become candidate in the election.

Sayyed Mostafa Kazemi, the late leader of Iqterdar-e-Melli Party and chairman of the Economic Committee of the Parliament, was killed ten years ago in a terrible incident with a group of other parliamentarians and residents of the central Baghlan district.