The Chief Executive: Students Will Achieve Standard Curriculum by Publication and Distribution of 135 million Textbooks

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan attended the opening ceremony for publication and distribution of 135 million textbooks and Teachers’ Guidebook for Ministry of Education, worth $ 75 million, which funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

At this meeting which was held at the US Embassy in Kabul, Ambassador Hugo Llorens, US Special Chargé d’Affaires thanked the Chief Executive for attending this meeting and stressed that Dr. Abdullah is one of the prominent, sympathetic and committed politicians for Afghanistan who has spent all his life for serving Afghanistan. He also spoke about the widespread achievements of Afghanistan in the field of education during the late 16 years and the role of the United States in this regard.

Mr. Llorens added that the United States and Agency for International Development, as in the past, stand alongside the Afghan government and people, and this program, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Finance, is planning to strengthen and develop the Afghan education by publishing and distributing textbooks for students and guidebooks for teachers.

Then, Dr. Abdullah thanked the United States for its contribution to Afghanistan's education, especially publication and distribution of 135 million textbooks for elementary, junior and senior secondary students.

The Chief Executive stressed that the textbook is the most important requirement of the education, and we are pleased that, with implementation of this program, students will have access to the standard textbooks and teachers will have access to the standard guidebooks.

The Chief Executive also said that the first revelation to the Holy Prophet (Pbuh) was begun with the order to read, and talked about education and pen. It highlights the importance of education and training in the Islamic culture.

With regard to the widespread achievements of the government and the people of Afghanistan in the field of education and higher education, the Chief Executive emphasized on the growth and enhancement of education and called the current war in the country as war of light against ignorance and darkness.

In his remarks, the Chief Executive thanked Mr. Hugo Llorens for his efforts in Afghanistan which will soon be ended, and recognized him as a prominent diplomat, a pious man and a true friend of the Afghan people.

The Chief Executive called Mr. Llorens’ achievements in consolidating the relationship between the two countries lasting and admirable, and wished Mr. Llorens and his wife success in their next careers.

At the meeting, Dr. Assadullah Hanif Balkhi, Acting Minister of Education, stressing on the Ministry of Education’s need for textbooks, appreciated the US generous contribution in publishing textbooks and teachers’ guidebooks.

In his speech, Acting Minister of Education expressed his hope that by launching such programs, the capacity of domestic printing houses would be increased and these books would be published inside Afghanistan.

Officials from US Embassy's Department of Education and the Agency for International Development (USAID) said this agency, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance, will help publish 135 million textbooks and teachers' guidebooks with standard criteria from the first grade to the twelfth grade, with a budget of $ 75 million, which will be distributed on time in schools This program will be implemented .in three stages starting in 2018 and completing in 2019.