Statement by the Chief Executive in Connection with the Terrorists Attack on Shamshad Private Television in Kabul

The terrorists’ attack on Shamshad TV means targeting freedom of expression, democracy and achievements of the Afghan media.

We express our profound resentment to this cowardly attack and ask God Heaven for the martyrs and urgent healing for the wounded.

Terrorists cannot tolerate the free media, journalists and the press in Afghanistan and that is why we have repeatedly witnessed their brutal attacks on private and public media in the capital and provinces of the country.

Targeting media and journalists is against laws of war, international and human values and terrorists will be prosecuted for such acts.

The attack on the Afghan media community is aimed at suppressing the nation's voice and impartial activities of the Afghan press. But terrorist groups should know that they never achieve their goals by doing such attacks.

Freedom of the press and media in Afghanistan is a model for all countries in the region and the world. In spite of the threats and pressures of terrorist groups during the past sixteen years, journalists and the media community have always been along with the Afghan people and the security forces to defend national sovereignty, territorial integrity and to protect the Islamic and national values of the country.

The government's commitment to freedom of expression and the media is in place, and we are obliged to ensure security of the media and journalists in the country.

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah

Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan