The Chief Executive, at the Opening Ceremony of a 100-bed Hospital in Panjshir: The War in Afghanistan should not be Misunderstood

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, today opened the construction work of a 100-bed hospital building in Panjshir province.

Speaking at the special ceremony of launching this project, the Chief Executive said: "Having an adequately equipped hospital was one of the wishes of the residents of this province that is being realized."

First, the Minister of Public Health, Dr. Firouzudin Firooz said: "The construction project of Panjshir 100-bed Hospital in two stories, with a mosque and all the necessary equipment will be made at a cost of $ 3 million."

Then, Dr. Abdullah said the Ministry of Public Health is responsible for closely monitoring work of this project, as it is a lasting service for all the people.

The Chief Executive directed the Minister of Public Health to expedite the administrative work of the project to be completed before the scheduled time. Dr. Abdullah urged the contractor's authorities to implement this project with a sense of responsibility and integrity.

In another part of his speech, Dr. Abdullah pointed to the current situation of the country and said: "Afghanistan's war is not a civil war; it is a battle of ignorance and darkness against knowledge and light."

The Chief Executive emphasized that the two sides of right and wrong should not be misunderstood, as the war has been imposed on Afghanistan and financed by the enemies of the country.

Dr. Abdullah said, "If we call this war a civil one, then why is the soldier from Faryab and Balkh defending the East? While he has not gone there for the sake of defending his tribe, race and a particular group.”

The Chief Executive said, "This question should be answered, the person who is in the trench of defense, whose child he is, where he is and whose security he provides."

The Chief Executive said that the people of Afghanistan have their own judgments about the current situation of the country, because these people are not the people of thirty years ago or even the people of two years ago.

Dr. Abdullah warned that if the elders of the country do not understand the situation properly, Afghanistan's problems will become more complicated. The Chief Executive said that in such critical situations, any inappropriate message and misinformation by the elders would harm the public mind and the national interests.